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Fund Benefits: Empowering Early-Stage and Large Funds

We're here to support funds of all sizes and stages with a range of benefits:

Establish yourself earlier and benefit from economies of scale.

Operate profitably at smaller scales and achieve your chosen impact faster.

Reach a broader community of educated investors with capital and clear impact metrics.

Benefit from cost minimization, mentoring, and expanded investment opportunities.


Shared Costs:

Costs are shared across funds, reducing expenses and improving returns for investors.


Resource Sharing:

Benefit from shared resources, including fund administration, accounting, and services for investees.

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Economies of Scale:

Leverage scale to enhance venture building, innovation support, and effective capital deployment.


Access to a Broader Investor Base:

Platforming funds attracts a diverse spectrum of fund managers, expanding investment opportunities.

Impact Agora is your gateway to impactful and profitable investing. Join us in driving positive change and financial returns simultaneously.

Administration Services

At Impact Agora, we're committed to helping investors navigate the complex landscape of impact investing. Our Administration Service Offering comprises three key components, each designed to empower your journey towards meaningful impact and financial returns.

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Fund Selection:

Unearthing Impact Gems

Our Fund Selection service is your gateway to a world of meticulously vetted impact investment opportunities. We use a unique blend of third-party and proprietary research to analyze a wide universe of potential funds, ensuring that only the most promising options reach your investment portfolio.


  • Access to a diverse range of institutionally graded, verified impact investment funds and opportunities.

  • Rigorous due diligence from both financial and impact perspectives.

  • Enhanced investment performance while managing reputational risk.

  • Customised portfolio construction to align with your unique goals

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Thematic Baskets:

Crafting Impactful Portfolio

Our Thematic Baskets service empowers you to build fully customised impact portfolios around themes that fit your investment mandate. You'll gain access to a curated selection of impact investment opportunities across different themes, sectors, geographies, and sizes. Diversify your portfolio and reduce risk while maximising your impact potential.


  • Tailored thematic investment baskets to match your specific impact goals.

  • Diversification across a spectrum of investment sources.

  • Low investment minimums for broader access to impactful investments.

  • Efficient capital deployment through economies of scale.

  • Ongoing portfolio management and reporting for a hassle-free investment experience.

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Aggregation Vehicles:

Structuring Opportunities for Impact

Impact Agora offers access to a diversified range of investment aggregation structures. Our platform can structure investments in various ways, including direct investment and a full range of aggregation structures that cover different geographies and structures. This includes sub-compartment funds, SPVs, and partnerships.


  • Flexible investment structures to meet specific investor demand.

  • Regulatory coverage under the UK FCA and the ability to provide regulated activities in Luxembourg.

  • Bespoke cost-effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.

  • Economies of scale to reduce costs for both investors and investees.

  • Enhanced access to impactful investments through innovative securitised vehicles.

Join Impact Agora's Service Offering and unlock the power of purposeful investing.


Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you make informed, impactful, and financially rewarding investment decisions. Together, we can create a better world while achieving your financial objectives.

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