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Empowering Your Impact Journey

At Impact Agora, our solutions are designed to break down barriers and provide seamless access to impactful investments. Here's how we do it:

Turnkey Investment Solutions


Streamlined Access: 

: Impact Agora offers allocators a turnkey solution for investing in curated, vetted impact funds. We've designed compliant allocation vehicles that open up access with lower minimums, perfectly aligning with wealth manager, private and institutional investor processes.


Enhanced Performance: 

Our unique blend of third-party and proprietary research ensures rigorous due diligence from both financial and impact perspectives. This means better investment performance and reduced reputational risk for investors.


Securitised Access: 

We structure access to funds through innovative securitised vehicles, keeping ongoing costs low, offering minimum tickets as low as £25,000, and seamlessly integrating into operational processes.

Services to Investors


Comprehensive Membership: 

: Investors gain full access to the Impact Agora platform and a range of curated impact investment opportunities.


Management & Reporting:

Enjoy ongoing management and reporting for your platform investments, with opportunities to upgrade to premium reporting services and consolidate pre-existing impact portfolios.

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Bespoke Solutions:

Access bespoke aggregation vehicles for diversification, sub-minimum investments, and tax-efficient portfolio opportunities.

Services to Private Wealth Managers & Multi-Family Offices


Ready-Made Proposition: 

Private wealth managers can access curated funds with low minimum tickets through structures that integrate seamlessly into their operating processes.


Comprehensive Portfolio Management: 

We offer a comprehensive impact investment platform for PWMs and family offices to manage their impact investment portfolio(s).


Customised Reporting: 

Tailored investment and reporting solutions complement existing reporting systems.

Services to Asset Managers


Aggregation Structures: 

Access bespoke or omnibus investment aggregation structures as needed.


Segregated Sub-Fund Structures: 

Benefit from advantageous pricing and scale with access to bespoke segregated sub-fund investment structures.


Investment Platform: 

Utilise our investment platform with pre-qualified impact investors for approved funds to conduct capital-raising activities.

The Impact Agora Investment Platform: Unlocking the Power of Impact Investing


Optimising Access: 

Our platform optimises qualified investor access to a range of qualified impact investment funds.


Conduct investor due diligence through the platform by accessing all key documents related to the investment and process.

Compliance & Control: 

The investment process is controlled and conducted through our platform to ensure strict compliance with regulatory processes.



Once invested, our platform offers ongoing portfolio and individual investment management and reporting, providing investors with a one-stop-shop for their impact investing needs.

Investor Benefits:

At Impact Agora, we've designed our platform with investors in mind, offering a wealth of benefits that empower your impact journey:

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