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Using Impact Agora: Acceleris Capital

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered how our members use Impact Agora? After launching eighteen months ago, we'd like to give you a peek into our members, the types of deals they share, and most importantly, how Impact Agora has contributed to some of their successful fundraises.

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Early adopters seeking to reach the impact community

Acceleris Capital was one of the first members of Impact Agora, joining the community in April 2020 as the Covid pandemic spread worldwide. With face-to-face meetings cancelled and uncertainty around the global economy, it was difficult for early-stage ventures to engage with investors and raise capital. Yet, with many of these innovative companies offering solutions to vital global challenges, fundraising was all the more important. As a result, Acceleris Capital began to look for alternative channels through which to distribute its clients’ investment opportunities.

Wanting to reach a broader range of institutions that focus on impact, they turned to Impact Agora to share one of its most promising impact deals at the time: Power Roll. The platform enabled Acceleris to share the investment opportunity with an audience of highly relevant investors from across the UK and Europe.

Raising capital: The impact opportunity

Power Roll has created and patented a unique microgroove structure that has the potential to reinvent the solar PV and energy market. Through their solar film and capacitor technologies, solar energy can be generated through any surface and at any scale. Their lightweight and flexible solar systems can produce electricity at an ultra-low cost, making it easier for remote locations across India and Africa to install and access affordable, clean energy.

After successful projects across Asia, Power Roll was seeking £2.5m in funding as they looked to commercialise their model and take their off-grid energy solutions to areas in Zambia. More so, the company wanted to pursue an IP licensing model to speed up its technology deployment and build a solar film pilot plant in the UK to improve its solar films and technology further.

Patrick Molyneux, who heads up the impact investing side of Acceleris Capital, said:

“Using Impact Agora has helped us promote the Power Roll investment opportunity, but it has also allowed us to raise our profile. It’s been a useful way to share sustainability-centric investments, gain that visibility, share our purpose, and keep up-to-date with the impact investment community.”

The results

Cumulatively, Power Roll raised £2.8m of investment through various channels from Acceleris Capital, Maven Capital Partners, Green Angel Syndicate, Greenwood Way Capital and NorthInvest. This included £100k of funding derived from the Impact Agora platform after Acceleris Capital shared the investment opportunity with the online community.

Since the funding round came to an end in September 2020, Power Roll has raised a further £5.8m thanks to the momentum generated behind the business, and Acceleris Capital has continued to support its growth. Additionally, they continue to share all sustainability-related investments with the Impact Agora community, demonstrating the platform’s ability to connect their clients with institutional investors across the impact space.

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