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Your Assurance of Impact and Integrity

Our comprehensive due diligence service includes the following reports to provide you with confidence in your impact investments:

Due Diligence Questionnaire

Single strategy fund


Fund of funds

Fund Analysis Report

Based on due diligence questionnaire inputs and associated documentation

Alignment Rating Report

Assesses the manager, fund, portfolio and investment management processes

Market Assessment Report

Assesses the impact and financial performance in relation to relevant market performance indicators

Impact Assessment Report

Establishes a baseline impact assessment, impact target level and timelines to monitor and report on

At Impact Agora, due diligence isn't just a step; it's a commitment to safeguarding your investments and ensuring they align with your values.


Transparency & Clarity

We provide ongoing due diligence and impact-specific reporting, allowing investors to truly understand their investments, manage reputational risks, and engage their end investors with unique storytelling.

Rigorous Analysis

Due diligence serves as the final checkpoint in our investment process. It is independent of any investment decision, focusing on ensuring the robust governance of the General Partner (GP) and identifying any operational concerns that could jeopardise investor capital.


Robust Governance

At Impact Agora, our Due Diligence Assessment team consists of a Fund Onboarding Team and a Platform Committee. Both operate independently from each other as well as independently from the Investment Committee, ensuring unbiased scrutiny.

For more information, reach out to us here:

Enhanced Due Diligence as a Service

Impact Agora offers additional enhanced due diligence services to our platform members if required.

We go the extra mile to provide you with in-depth insights and analysis.


Portfolio Company Due Diligence

If requested, we can also perform due diligence on the underlying portfolio companies, working in collaboration with third-party providers to ensure comprehensive assessment.


Criteria-Driven Rollout

Our platform's fund selection is based on criteria defined by our expert Investment Committee. Funds chosen for inclusion in our bespoke aggregation vehicles or thematic baskets undergo enhanced due diligence, ensuring they meet the highest standards of impact and integrity.

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Join Impact Agora's Service Offering and unlock the power of purposeful investing.


Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you make informed, impactful, and financially rewarding investment decisions.

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