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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Impact Agora?
    Impact Agora is a platform that provides access to curated private market impact funds and co-investments. We offer a range of investment opportunities, as well as due diligence and reporting & monitoring services designed to generate strong risk-adjusted returns while making a positive impact.
  • How does Impact Agora work?
    We match prequalified impact investors with meticulously curated impact investment opportunities. Our tech-enabled platform streamlines the investment process, making it easy to construct an impact portfolio.
  • Who can invest with Impact Agora?
    Impact Agora is designed to democratize impact investing, catering to both individual and institutional investors. We offer flexible commitment options to align with various investment policies.
  • What types of allocation structures do you have?
    We offer a diverse range of allocation structures, including fund of funds, thematic baskets, single manager feeders, and direct deal flow. You can tailor your investments to match your unique goals and preferences.
  • How does Impact Agora ensure the impact of investments is transparent?
    Every opportunity on our platform details its impact changes and commits to ongoing impact reporting. We also conduct independent third-party research to enhance our impact framework.
  • What is the benefit of joining Impact Agora as an Investor?
    By joining Impact Agora, you gain access to a wide range of impact investments that are typically hard to access through traditional channels. You can customize your portfolio, enjoy lower minimums, benefit from economies of scale, streamline reporting and monitoring, and reduce systemic impact risks.
  • How does Impact Agora support wealth managers and multi-family offices?
    We provide private wealth managers with access to curated funds with low minimum ticket sizes that integrate seamlessly into their operating processes. We also offer comprehensive portfolio management and custom reporting solutions.
  • How does Impact Agora support ongoing impact reporting and monitoring?
    We offer comprehensive reporting at both the individual investment and portfolio levels. Our platform provides real-time insights into how your investments are performing against your impact and financial objectives.
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