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Empowering Your Impact Journey

At Impact Agora, our solutions are designed to break down barriers and provide seamless access to impactful investments. We are developing the impact ecosystem and provide you with turnkey solutions to impact so that you don't need to build expensive teams and bring in house expertise.

Turnkey Investment Solutions for Private Wealth Managers


Robust Due Diligence

A unique blend of industry leading third-party and proprietary impact, financial and operational due diligence you can rely on to reduce reputational risk and offer credible, curated impact products without adding resource.


Accessible Ticket Sizes

Minimum tickets of £25K, available to retail clients and listed on an exchange so they can be bought by and for a broad range of clients without any change in process.


Consistent Reporting

Standardised and aggregated impact reporting and monitoring so you can easily communicate the exciting ongoing narrative (financial and impact) with clients as well as understand where the risks are.


Curated Investment Opportunities

Full access to the platform with a range of curated, vetted impact funds and investment opportunities designed to generate exceptional risk-adjusted returns.


Secure Allocation Vehicles

Structured access to funds through innovative, securitised allocation vehicles that open up access, keep ongoing costs low, offer minimum ticket sizes, and seamlessly integrate into wealth manager operational processes.

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Investor Benefits:

At Impact Agora, we've designed our platform with investors in mind, offering a wealth of benefits that empower your impact journey:

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